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team_tin_man's Journal

Home of the Tin Men
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All Members
Welcome to team_tin_man, a subsidiary of team_demilo!

Only team members will be granted posting access, but all team communities are open for you to particiapte in any discussion, comment on posts and HAVE FUN! If you'd like to join team_tin_man, please sign up HERE

* Fanfic and fanart (excluding icons) must have an appropriate header, stating TITLE, RATING, TEAM, PROMPT and any WARNINGS. If you think it needs a warning, it probably does. You're quite welcome to add further information, if you wish.

* Please tag your posts. Prompt/challenge posts will have header and tag specifics.

* Please place any work over 100 words behind a cut.

* ALL images displayed outside of an lj-cut must be no larger than 350 pixes wide/high. If you've got a lot of images, be sure to include a note stating such, for the sake of those on dial-up.

* Please limit icon previews in a post to THREE (3).

* Please see THIS post before cross-posting prompt responses.

* If you have any questions, at any time, please contact a mod.

* Did we mention HAVE FUN?

[Full rules can be found HERE]