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Title: "New Light Of Morning"
Author: Rissy James
Rating: PG
Characters: Azkadellia and the Mystic Man (mentions of Ambrose, Tutor, Ahamo, and DG)
Author's Note: comment_fic written for [info]jestana (Prompt: "Azkadellia, meet your new sister"); My entry for the "Gift" task for  Seasonal Challenge 03 at tm_challenge (I'm assuming I have until midnight)

'Oh, Gods save us.'

Title: "Professional Adventuring 100"
Author: Rissy James
Rating: PG
Characters: Cain and DG (mentions of Glitch and Raw)
Author's Note: Careful, Rissy, your Gamer is showing.  Written for the Seasonal Challenge 03 at tm_challenge ; my contribution to the "Drabble" task.

'Explain this to me again...'

Fan Video: Seasonal Challenge 03

For Seasonal Challenge 03 @ tm_challenge  ; my contribution for the "Music" task.

Direct Link: Youtube
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50 Icons: Seasonal Challenge 03

50 Icons for Seasonal Challenge Three


P r e v i e w

Here @ rissy_james 

Prompt 002: Six Words

* Raindrops on gables; they swing together.

* Boots and sneakers, side by side.

*  Tin sleeps forever in deathbed moss.  

Prompt 001: Top 10 List

10.  Violent mini-rebels - seriously, the Flayer?  O.O

09.  Eerie lullabies.

08.  Viewers - who needs health care benefits?

07.  Lush and vibrant scenic eyecandy wherever you go!  (Just don't head West.)

06.  No one suspects the terrier.

05.  A resistance that advertises.

04.  The state of the roads.

03.  Central City's Mystic Man holdin' court.

02.  Directions:  You're never getting anywhere.

01.  Convenient husband storage.

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